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Stocked with more than 16 000 novels, non-fiction, classic literature, Mills and Boon, books for young readers and comics, Ocean Keys Book Exchange opens up an exciting world of books for you to enjoy – easily, conveniently and without spending a fortune.

Book lovers can discover new books through the joy of browsing including the latest best sellers, old favourites or rare and out of print books. All of our stock is personally selected by our book sellers and they are always on hand to make your shopping adventure an enjoyable experience.

We have new stock arriving daily and whether you are there to buy, sell or exchange your books we are there to help.


❤️ To protect our wonderful customers and hard-working staff from 🦠 COVID-19, we have decided to close the store temporarily. Safety must come first! ❤️

🌟Please follow our page (and the Ocean Keys Shopping Centre page) for further updates and reopening dates. We will continue to monitor health guidelines and our reopening will be in line with those guidelines.🌟


🌟 Yes! We will redeem these when we reopen. Expiry dates will be extended – we will provide further information when we have an opening date.🌟


📝 There is nobody to answer your phone query at the store. We apologise for the inconvenience but we ask that you post your queries on this post, or send a message through Facebook. We will do our best to answer. 📝

❤️ We want to thank all our loyal and new customers for supporting us in this challenging time, and for adhering to social distancing rules. Please continue to support any local businesses still open, whether you get takeaway food or buy food from your local grocery store ❤️

📚 Stay safe, read more books and we will see you all very soon!📚

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We sell what we love   ♥    We love what we do!

First and foremost we are all passionate readers often joking between ourselves that if there were no books we’d read toilet paper! We love talking about books with our customers and recommending new authors for you to try. We are happy to go ‘that extra mile’ to find the book you’re after and if we haven’t got it in stock we will conduct a free book search and try to source it for you.

We believe that face to face service is the best way to satisfy your special requirements so come in and meet the team.

content-imageDiscover Our Young Reader’s Corner

We believe that every child can become a good reader if they have access to a wide range of literature. Reading extensively and reading well increases vocabulary, improves memory, analytical and writing skills and builds better self-esteem.

Ocean Keys Book Exchange carries a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction children’s books and our staff are always on hand to offer specialist advice on choosing the right book for your child.

The magic of reading

Our philosophy is to spread the magic of reading and preserve books for generations to come. Books that will enrich, educate, entertain and exercise the imagination. We want you, the reader to be transported to a new world, to imagine the impossible, to learn new thoughts and novel worlds that will nourish the mind and soul.

Start expanding your literary world today and remember the wise words of epic fantasy novelist George R.R Martin …….

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one”………

(Dance of Dragons: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book 5)

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