Getting Started ~ How to Exchange your Books

What does it mean to shop for books at a book exchange?


We’re no different to an ordinary book shop except our stock consists of good quality pre-loved and new books that can be traded over and over again saving book lovers heaps of money. As an added advantage, personal book collections can be used as credit against new purchases.

All of our books are for sale and are clearly marked with the purchase price of the book at the top of the price sticker and *credit on return* directly beneath it.

The book is yours to own however it can be traded in against the cost of another book(s) if it is returned in respectable condition.

Please be aware that some new editions we sell are ‘cash only’ purchases which means a credit cannot be used against them the first time around. The book can however be traded in after you’ve read it.

All of our books (except bundled books) can be returned for a credit providing they are returned in good condition. This includes our popular specials (3/5) and Mills and Boons.

Do I have to spend money to trade in my books?


Yes. Unfortunately if we just traded book for book we’d be unable to buy more exciting books for you to enjoy, pay our electricity and our staff. We’d also be highly undesirable tenants if we couldn’t pay the rent!

Rest assured though ~ we only charge a small exchange fee (generally a percentage of your total credit) which is often less than the cost of a Double Skinny Macchiato for a stack of books.

What sort of books do you accept for trade?

buy-exchange-books-03There are times when we wished our shop was made of elastic or, even better, a replica of Doctor Who’s Tardis so we could fit every book brought in, but unfortunately we simply don’t have the room which means we have to be extra choosey about what we consent to take.

As a general guide for an exchange credit or cash buy Ocean Keys Book Exchange does not accept:

  • Ex-library books (exceptions are made for Large Print ex-library books)
  • Course specific text books (except novels and plays)
  • Encyclopaedias
  • Books that are grubby, water-damaged, defective, worn, stained, torn or spotted or those that have loose joints, hinges, pages, etc.
  • Magazines (* we make an exception for hobby/interest specific)
  • Readers Digest condensed novels
  • Outdated health, parenting, computing and business books

If you are unsure if your books are suitable or have a large quantity of books please don’t hesitate to contact us first. Valuations or appraisals cannot be conducted over the telephone however you are always welcome to come in with a sample of your books first to see if we are interested. We recommend that you call ahead before bringing large numbers of books in so that we can ensure adequate time to sort through them.

Do you buy books?

buy-exchange-books-02We are highly selective when it comes to purchasing books for cash but can always be tempted with Mills and Boon, Westerns, comics (especially Commando comics), crisp new books written by popular authors, current non-fiction, science fiction, self-help and the Esoteric.

Fiction and non-fiction books must meet the same criteria as books accepted for trade however they should be in near new condition.

We recommend that you call us on (08) 9407 7522 to check whether we are currently buying books for cash. We are always happy to answer any further questions you may have. We strictly cannot do quotes online or via phone, and you must book a time to bring your books in for us to view in person.

Can you sell books on my behalf and give me the cash after?

Unfortunately we cannot offer this service. Once you accept cash or credit for your books, they are the property of Ocean Keys Book Exchange. Your decision to sell us your books is final; we cannot return books to you if you change your mind later.

Additional terms and conditions:

  • Exchange credit and cash quotes are offered at the discretion of Ocean Keys Book Exchange staff.
  • By using our credit system, you accept any unused credits will be non-valid past the use-by date, and/or if Ocean Keys Book Exchange ceases to trade.
  • Please note that the credit price is non-redeemable for cash under any circumstances.
  • We will accept books in excellent condition from other book exchanges; however the credit awarded is solely at our discretion.
  • If you wish to sell or trade your books and you have large quantities, you must call us first on (08) 9407 7522 to book a time, and bring them to the store at least two hours before closing time. We consider three or more ‘Coles/Woollies’ bags, or a trolley-load, to be a large quantity. This ensures we are able to calculate your credit in a timely manner.
  • Please note that we must return any books that we cannot take to the customer. We cannot bin books for you, nor give them away for free, as we do not have the space to offer this service. Rejected books are the customer’s responsibility.

Can I request a book or ask you to hold a book(s) I am interested in purchasing?

Of course. Best thing to do is ring the store first during business hours or contact us via e-mail to see if we have it in stock. If we do we are happy to hold it for a three days. If the book is not available we will add it to our request book and contact you if and when it arrives in store. We can also conduct a free book search using our own sources; specifically for the more obscure or out of print books.


Do you offer discounts to certain groups?

We offer a 10% discount off the total purchase price for Seniors Card holders, registered WA school teachers, Australian Veterans Card holders and book clubs purchasing in bulk.